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This is former 220 in August 1999 in the current cream and blue version of the Goldline livery. 220 was built on the Scania K113 chassis, and was bought new in April 1989, originally having the registration F220 SDP, but later receiving the cherished number BUS 5X, which it kept after being sold.

220 in August 1999 (17747 bytes)

220 is an example of the original T8 Alizée body design which received several cosmetic changes during it's production run from 1980 to 1997, as 233-9 demonstrate.

233-6 were built on DAF SB2700 chassis. 233 and 236 first entered service on the London Line express services to London, and were numbered 251 and 252. 251 was purchased new and 252 whilst only a few months old from Jones, Eccles. 234 was purchased for Goldline private hire work in January 1995 from Hughes DAF, Gomershall followed by 235 from Hallmark Coaches in February 1996. 252 transferred to the Goldline private hire fleet in April 1996 and was renumbered 236, followed by 251 (233) in May 2000 upon withdrawal of the London services. 233/6 were then withdrawn in April 2001 whilst 234/5 remained in service.

Below is 233 at St. Mary's Butts in January 2000.

233 in January 2000 (17129 bytes)

This is 234 in Minster Street on 17th April 2002:

234 on 17 April 2002

Below is 235 in February 1998 outside the old Mill Lane depot, showing the red Goldline livery applied to these coaches when new.

235 in Frebruary 1998 (18170 bytes)

237 was added to the fleet in 1998 and is pictured in the Great Knollys Street depot in February 2000.

237 in February 2000 (15512 bytes)

237 is seen below about to board the continental ferry about a month after it was sold in approx March 2007. Thanks to Richard Bilbé for this photo:

237 in approx March 2007

Two almost new T8 Alizée coaches arrived in January 2000, numbered 238-9, and were used to replace coaches in the Goldline fleet (one being 220). Below is 238 August 2001 at the Goldline tours pick up point on West Street.

238 in August 2001 (24769 bytes)

234 was designated as the regular driver training vehicle during May 2006 with 235 as spare. The vehicles remained fully licensed so that they could be used on normal private hire activities at the weekends.

Following a reduction in work 237 was sold to Southern Star Coaches, Harlow in February 2007 followed by 235 and 239 to Caroline Seagull, Great Yarnmouth in May 2007. 238 was withdrawn and sold to RB Travel, Kettering in March 2008.

234 was withdrawn in December 2008, having been replaced on training duties by Darts 310/1 earlier in the year, and was sold to RB Travel, Kettering in February 2009.

Two T9 Alizée coaches joined the fleet in April 2001, numbered 241-2. Their primary role was to operate a special night time coach link to Gatwick Airport in connection with Thames Trains. They wore standard Goldline livery with Thames Trains logos, and were withdrawn in April 2004 upon expiry of the contract. Below is 242 entering the Great Knollys Street depot in August 2001:

242 in August 2001 (17145 bytes)

241 was with Silver Star Holidays by 2007 where it was reregistered N22 EDW, passing to Grindles Coaches in October 2010 where it was reregistered ODG 236. Between 2004 and 2007 it has been reregistered YRT240, Y241 KJM, 12 RED and Y241 KJM. 242 was with Adamson's Coaches by August 2010.


A DAF3000 with VanHool T8 Alizée bodywork arrived on loan to cover for warranty work on 241 and 242. Registered N74 FWU it was given temporary fleet number 340, and is seen leaving Great Knollys Street on 8th October 2002. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

N74 FWU on 8 October 2002 (38887 bytes)

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