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  • Reading Transport Fleet List:
  • Fleet
    • New are Scania N280UD / Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 CBD Citys 706-22, all in purple 17 livery. The first entered service in December 2017, with the remaining following in January and February 2018.
    • DAF DB250 / East Lancs FD02 UKR was acquired from Panther Travel in December 2017 as a low cost supplement to the school bus fleet to help release newer vehicles for service enhancements elsewhere. It carried former registration AB02 PAN until 8th December, and is allocated fleet number 531.
    • Four second hand Optare Solo SRs have been acquired for the new Thames Valley operation in Slough, numbered 195-8, in a white livery with Thames Valley lettering which was applied on 13 January. 198 was confirmed in service on 20th January with 195-7 on layover.
    • New Mercedes Sprinter / Mellor Strata LO67 CFK was acquired in December 2017, arriving on 13th in Buzz livery and entering service on 18th.
    • Two Scania / Caetano Levantes FJ57 KHO/KJU were acquired from South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach through John Hill Coach Sales in November, arriving on 12th December in generic silver and originally intended for the training fleet. They soon received Greenline vinyls for temporary use on route 702 with fleet numbers 1401/2, but have yet to enter service.
    • Three Scania OmniCity single deckers SP57 CNU/N/K were hired on medium term loan from Stagecoach in December as temporary vehicles for Greenline route 702, and allocated fleet numbers 10-12.
    • 182 entered service in Greenwave livery by 8th September, having been reregistered RG04 BUS in August.
    • 184 was reregistered RG53 BUS in October and entered ordinary service on 7th November.
    • 185 was reregistered RG54 BUS shortly after entering service in August.
  • Disposals:
    • 524 was sold to Lynxbus, Kings Lynn in September, followed by 525 in November following the integration of Theale Green and Little Heath school services back into the normal network in September 2017. 526 is expected to follow in August 2018.
    • 841/2/6/7 were sold to Wealdon PSV in November 2017 to be converted to open top prior to export to Malta where they are expected to join former 838/9 which arrived with Supreme Travel, Zejtun in around mid-August 2017.
    • 1102/3 were sold to Midland Classic on 20 January, replacing former 852/3 there.
  • Demonstrators:
    • Scania Irizar i3 demonstrator SC13 BUS allocated fleet number 27, arrived in Newbury to cover warranty work from 19th December, but in the event allowed 26 to go on loan to Reading
    • Scania N280UD / Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 CBD DD16 GAS arrived on loan by 22nd December, and was allocated fleet number 106
    • Scania N280UD / Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 YN16 CFU arrived on loan on 16th January 2018, and was allocated fleet number 778
    • Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 demonstrator YX67 UZB arrived on loan on 18th January, and was allocated fleet number 779, entering service on 20th. It is expected to stay until 24th January.
    • Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City demonstrator SL66 WLK was in service by 11th January using fleet number 121
    • Scania K410EBC / Higer Touring demonstrator YN17 OMW arrived on 11th January
    • Two Ensign Enterprises are on order for delivery in the summer. They are expected to and arrive in generic silver for use on routes 17 and 702 with centre doors and high back seats.
  • Livery
    • Enviro 400H diesel conversions continued with 225 returning in October, which was the first to also be repainted into an updated Sky Blue livery for routes 15/16, likewise 229 which went away before 225 following an accident returned in Sky Blue livery in November being back in service by 6th, and 208 which returned on 17th January, had vinyls applied on 19th and returned to service on 20th. 221 and 228 are currently away for repaint and refurbishment.
    • 131, 132 and 134 were rebranded for Nine-teens in September for routes 9 and 19 from the start of September. 133 lost its Greenwave branding following the entry into service of 182.
    • 167 lost it's 'nineteens' branding in September, operating in plain orange on amended route 12.
    • 381 was repainted into a green based Buzz livery for route 42 which started on 2nd October.
    • 413 returned from repaint into Leopard livery by 23rd August, however 414 was not repainted and remains in unbranded Scarlet red livery for use at weekday peak periods pending a decision on the future of route 12.
    • 527-29, 805/6 gained "super T-side" advert frames in December 2017, covering the first offside window to create a larger advertising space.
    • 530 was designated “The Moving Gallery” with various works art applied in December 2017. It was on static display in Broad Street on 9th and 10th December and then ran in service from 11th December until 20th January 2018 with the art on display.
    • 758 gained Greenline branding between the decks in December for use on route 702.
    • 1208 was repainted into Greenline livery in December and reregistered GO11 LDN, returning to service on 24th December.
  • Allocations
    • 4 went on loan to Reading on 3 and 4 January for use on route 702
    • 2 transferred to Reading on 5th January for short term use on route 702 pending transfer to Slough for the Thames Valley operation, losing its JetRed branding.
    • 26 went on loan from Newbury to Reading from 27th December to provide temporary cover on new Greenline route 702.
    • 220 went on loan to Newbury from 15th January
    • 524-6 returned from loan to Courtney Buses in early September.
    • 782 went on loan from Newbury to Reading from 27th December to provide temporary cover on new Greenline route 702, returning to Newbury for 2nd January.
    • 381 went on loan to Newbury from 2 to 5 January, returning on 6th
  • Other
    • 1108 went on loan to Midland Classic on 29th August, returning on around 29th November.
    • 1103 was withdrawn on 18th January
    • 861 was withdrawn on 19th January pending sale to Ensignbus.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 1107 gained a new MegaRear for The Lexicon Christmas in November, replacing the original Lexicon rear.
  • Aldermaston Coaches Fleet List: 5 left the fleet in March 2016, with 6 YX55 ADV being renumbered 5 shortly after.
  • Courtney Buses Fleet List: New in September were Enviro 200 MMCs YX67 UYR in Bombay Sapphire Distillery and Visitor Centre livery, and YX67 UYL/M in Yellow and Blue Courtney livery and YX67/N/O/P in Yellow and Red Courtney livery, followed by Enviro 400 MMC YY67 HDO in December in Milton Park livery. Optare Solo SR YD63 VCK was also acquired from Airport Parking in September and Enviro 200 MMC YX65 RKK from Alexander Dennis in December. A further Optare Solo SR YA13 AAE was acquired in January for new contracts in Slough.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 47665/6/8 transferred to Hampshire in October following the loss of route 555. Heathrow '7 series' liveried 64034/48 were repainted into First urban livery in early August with green route 1 branding, followed by 64020/30 in yellow route 6 branding in late August, 64031/37 in September with orange route 4 branding, 64047 with orange route 4 branding in October, 64038 with blue 8/N8 branding in October, and 64039 for blue 8/N8 in November. Remaining 64033/35/42/43/44/45 had lost their 7 series branding in favour of plain blue by late December, and 64036 not seen. Loaned 32809/855 returned to Hampshire in August. Legoland Tridents 33179, 33181 and Greenline Volvos 37276/985-99 transferred to First Hampshire and Dorset following the last day of Greenline route 702 on 23rd December, 33179/81 and 37998 being operational on rail replacement in Southampton on 27th.
  • Horseman Coaches Fleet List: New in June were Mercedes-Benz 516CDi / Unvi Vega Po17 AUT/U/V/W. RX51 EXM/N/O/P were sold in March 2017, EMO/P to Tally Ho! and RX06 WVA-E had left by October.
  • Mortons Travel Fleet List: New acquisitions in October were Dennis Tridents PN52 XKF/H from Blackpool Transport, and Volvo B8R / Plaxton Leopards YX67 UOS/T in October. Thanks to David Wilder for this.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 228/9 transferred to Thames Travel in October 2017, operating in plain sky blue. 228-29 & 251-4 gained River Rapids branding for Oxford - Reading routes X39/X40 and newly created Oxford - Henley route X38 from 22nd October on a sky blue base, plus 879/80 on a red base. 207, 208, 230 and 231 have been repainted into Connector livery. 870 gained Story Museum branding by May.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 912-4 transferred to Carousel Buses in October in exchange for 879-81. 508 passed to Konect Bus, East Anglia in November. Thanks to David Wilder for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: New acquisitions in September were former Blackpool Transport Optare Solos YN53 ZWX/Z, followed by YN53 ZWM/P/T/V in October which were reregistered C15-20 TCL. YX63 ZVP was sold to Faresaver, Chippenham in June. Optare Versas YJ13 HHY/Z were sold to Borders Buses in July/August respectively, YJ13 HHU/W to PCL Travel Rural Link in August, YJ13 HHV to PC Coaches in Septmber and YJ13 HHX to Jones Coaches in October. V11 OOL was reregistered RV65 OXK in November prior to sale to Highway Coaches in December. C7/9 OXF were reregistered to R831 OVN / R138 EVX in July, YY66 PFG to RX66 PTZ in August, C5/8/10 OXF to R178 EVU / R835 OVN / R140 EVX in September. R138 EVX and R831 OVN were sold in August, with R835 OVN in September. SN16 OHG/H transferred from Didcot to Greenham in September, followed by OHJ in October and OHK in November. SN16 OHG/H/J were rebranded from South Midland to Countywide Travel / Basingstoke Area Rapid Transit in October to replace Versas on school services. YY64 TYA/B are now generally allocated to Didcot instead of Greenham. Thanks to David Wilder for this.
  • White Bus Service Fleet List: New in January was Mercedes-Benz 516CDi / EVM GX66 AEN. New in September was ADL Enviro 200 YX67 UXO, followed by YX67 VGJ/K/L in October. ADL Enviro 200s MK63 WZV, SN16 OGU and YY16 YJW were used on short term lease from Mistral to cover new tendered operations from August until October. YY16 YJW then passed to South West Coaches in November.

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